Friday, 20 January 2012

Creative activities for your kids during vacations

Kids at home!!!!!!!!
Tough job for moms...
Specially here in Pakistan we can't let our kids go out during the day time in summers because of burning sun outside. Similarly, the moms living in northern areas face the same problem during the winters as the cold weather and snow restricts the kids at home.
Are you also one of those moms ????
Then dont worry..... Here is the solution to all your problems

Today i have decided to share some interesting ideas for you and your kids to remain busy during vacations and holidays. Following are few ideas for all moms:-

Indoor Party:
You can plan an indoor party for your kids and their friends. You can go for a kids themed party. Involve your kids in planning for the party. Make some delicious dishes your kids love to eat.  You can even have a party of your own. All family members together enjoying tea with snacks.
You can go for a simple play date for your kids. Invite your kids best friend for a play date. Your kids will really enjoying playing with their toys. It will be a great change that your kids will love.
Read a book:
Reading can be a great fun. Give the books to your kids of their interest. You can make a small library at your home. Place the books in living room available for access at any time. You can use public library also.
Writing stories:
Writing can also be a great way to spend time with your kids. You can give them some interesting topics to write about. At the end of vacations you can compile them. These writings will make a great keepsakes later.
Listening to a book:
You can also download some audios of stories for your kids. Some really helpful audio libraries you can use are

audible kids
If you know any link other than these then do share them with us.

Arts and Crafts:
For art loving kids painting and making simple crafts can be a great fun. Provide them art and craft supplies in a cabinet.  You can download different art printable from arts and craft sites for your kids. Your kids will love coloring them.
Involve them in chores:
Kids really like helping moms in chores in vacations or holidays. Even if your kids don't think it a fun you should involve them  in simple daily chores and appreciate their effort. This will keep them busy and make them understand that running a home needs everybody's effort.

I hope you will find these ideas helpful. If you have any ideas then share them with us. Tell us how you keep you kid busy.