Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Kids Learning (Urdu)

Today i am sharing some great videos for your kids. I hope you will like these videos.
  • Urdu Alphabet Jingle
  • Counting in Urdu
  • Chunno Munno The Do Bhai

Nutrients Necessary for Gorgeous Hair

We all want beautiful hair. And to have those beautiful hair what most of us do???
The answer is apply chemicals.

But instead of applying chemicals, which sometimes can have detrimental effects on hair, nutritionally, hair can be made thick, healthy, shiny and look fresh.
Now the researches have proved that proper nutrition can promise a stunning hair locks.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Mango Kids Party Cake

Mango kids Party Cake by Chef Zakir

Here is the recipie of Mango Kids Party Cake. Try this at your home. I am sure your kids will love this.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pakistan's First Documentary Nominated For Oscars

Pakistan's First Documentary Nominated for Oscars: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s documentary lands coveted Oscar nomination

An Ode to Pakistani Mothers

When I was little, I began noticing the difference between my Pakistani-Punjabi mom and the quintessential white American mother. Kyle’s mom was cool according to elementary-school standards: She’d sport her shades, stand by the SUV and wait for Kyle to leave the playground without showing much eagerness to see the kid. My mommy? Well, she was a different case. She would meet me after school as though I just returned from a war zone. She would be waiting by the glass door with a second serving of lunch for me in a bright shalwar kameez. By the time everyone asked me, “Hey, is that your mom?” I changed my ethnicity from Pakistani to Mexican to eskimo.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Some Parenting Strategies

Parenting is a never ending process. On every step you face challenges, you have to make decisions. A good quality parenting is very important for raising a good kid. Even if you are a single parent keep one thing in mind that solid parenting has less to do with the number of parents and more with the quality of parenting. The support of your partner can be a great help and contribute to your abilities. Being a single parent is hard work, but it is the most rewarding roles you will ever accept.

We as parents often lack the parenting skills necessary to do the job. Today i will talk about few strategies that may work for you all:-

Friday, 20 January 2012

Creative activities for your kids during vacations

Kids at home!!!!!!!!
Tough job for moms...
Specially here in Pakistan we can't let our kids go out during the day time in summers because of burning sun outside. Similarly, the moms living in northern areas face the same problem during the winters as the cold weather and snow restricts the kids at home.
Are you also one of those moms ????
Then dont worry..... Here is the solution to all your problems

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Organize Your Bedroom Closet

Organizing your closet is really a tough job.
But don't worry !!!!!!!!
Here is the solution for all your problems......
Just follow the instructions of this video and get organized.

To view the video just click on the following link

Organize Your Bedroom Closet - 
I hope this will be a great help to all of you.
Comment on this video and tell which idea you liked the most and how you organize your closet.
Keep Smiling :)

Chilli Garlic Tomato Ketchup By Chef Tahir Chaudhry | Zaiqa

Today i am sharing an amazing recipe of Chilli Garlic Sauce by Chef Tahir Chaudhry.
  I hope you will try this and enjoy it with snacks.
For the video of this recipe click on the following link

Chilli Garlic Tomato Ketchup By Chef Tahir Chaudhry | Zaiqa
 Happy Cooking :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Handmade Soft Baby Block for your Baby

Add a handmade touch of wonder for baby by sewing these easy poly fiber filled play blocks. I found this idea wonderful so thought to share it with other moms. I hope you will find it fun.

For step by step instructions click here

Monday, 16 January 2012

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing

Fresh and glowing skin is very important for one's beauty. We all are not naturally blessed with a good skin. People with good skin need to take care of their nature's gift and the people who do not have naturally good skin need to work hard to make their skin look shiny, smooth and beautiful. Different people have different textures of skin like oily, dry and normal. However, some of the people have extremely sensitive skin which needs extra special care. The basic ways to take care of any kind of skin is cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Moving around in dust, smoke and traffic makes skin dull, dry and dead. Regular exposure to all these things makes skin faint and pale. Gradually, it starts taking toll on the skin and permanently damages its texture. If you do not want your skin to lose its charm before time, the only remedy to it is constant caring. We keep our selves busy in house work and forget to take care of our selves. So today i have decided to tell you about the easiest and effective way of keeping your skin healthy. The easiest and effective way to care for your skin is regular cleansing, toning & moisturizing.

Parenting Styles and their effect on child's temperament

The idea of parenting is both exciting and scary as during the course there are so many things to know and to decide. A child changes the life of parents with his /her arrival. It’s all decision making for parents from the birth to the later stages of their child’s life. The list starts from bottle or breast feed, work or stays at home, to the later decisions like schools, meals, and other activities. During all these stages the important thing is the style and attitude parents choose to influence and teach their child.
Parenting Style:
Parenting style refers to the broad overall pattern of parental actions, rather than to a single act.
 Types of parenting styles: